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About GenPass.org

GenPass.org is a cryptographically secure password generator site aiming to provide a solution to generate strong passwords easily. Password is the key to your digital identity, so we hightly encourage you to take it seriously when creating one.

  1. GenPass.org works locally on the browser which means we do not and will never store any generated passwords or transmit them via network. You are certainly the only person who knows them.

  2. GenPass.org uses window.crypto which is supported by most modern browsers and window.msCrypto for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge to securely generate random values in order to create a password.

  3. We do not use Math.random() as a fallback method to ensure every password is cryptographically generated. So please switch to a new browser and come back to us if you are using an obsolete one. Generally, GenPass.org should support every modern browser just fine except for Internet Explorer 10 and below.

  4. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to let us know. We greatly appreciate if you find GenPass.org useful, so please share and spread the love. Thank you.